Journelle pink lingerie collections

in more fun news though, i learned aesthetics are the philosophy of beauty and we covered things today that i saw and learned about while in london so ayyyy

these fucking lame ass nerd boys in the row in front of me in my design cultures lecture kept laughing when naked sculptures and paintings were on the slides like smh grow the fuck up idiots

my car has been getting 29.5 mpg on my commutes lately hallelujah 🙌🙌🙌

rocking that 8th grade tour tee today

09/02/14  (+2)  

me and alirezayn as wags

09/02/14  (+3)  

Even if Leo is not to score goals and win trophies for this little angel he will always be the best on the world…the best fan ever :)

  • me: *sees dog*
  • me: *forgets what im talking about and points out dog*

Sesame Street: 1D Visits Sesame Street (One Direction Too!)

lennon is the sleepiest old dog he’s currently using me as a pillow and napping

09/02/14  (+3)  


fight the system